Kieran Fitzsimmons Bradley Allen Understory Design Build


We are a Design Build partnership serving residential clients in Northern Vermont. We work on projects of all sizes, in any stage of the process, from the initial design or consultation, through the building and project management, to the finishing touches and completion.  We often work with other licesened and insured professionals to ensure high levels of quality and experience.

Every client has different needs, preferences, and budgets for their projects; so our process accommodates these differences. Clear communication, honesty, timeliness, and quality are important in every project we do. We offer great services for very affordable prices. We work on projects because we love the work, the connection to our clients and the satisfaction of a job well done. 



The Understory is a layer of the forest; it’s interconnected to part of a greater ecosystem. We believe the built environment is also part of a larger system- one consisting of all living and non-living things on this planet. Residential (and commercial) structures can coexist sustainably as part of the system, and when they do, there are positive consequences. These structures provide healthy indoor air quality, last longer, are more energy efficient, save money, and can be more functional and beautiful. Through careful design and selection of techniques and materials, spaces are created which are conducive to the client’s, and the planet’s, health and well being.  These homes can be more comfortable and functional which supports a client’s balanced lifestyle.  We believe that structures which incorporate sustainability and energy efficiency are simply better.