This three-season porch in Williston is a stunning combination of form and function. For this project, the homeowners wanted to create a space that allowed them to extend their time outdoors, while also being a beautiful extension of their historical village home.

The porch incorporated simple yet elegant screen panels, which visually disappear allowing the homeowners to enjoy a beautiful view and fresh Vermont air without the annoyance of mosquitoes or bugs. In cooler seasons, plexi glass panels can easily be set and clipped in to provide more shelter and warmth.

Great consideration was made for sustainability. The floor of the structure is insulated from below using pressure treated plywood and air sealing all gaps and cracks; this prevents unwanted drafts from flowing into the space. All new walls have mineral wool insulation (which is energy efficient, water repellent, and fire resistant) helping to keep the space more temperature controlled. The roof and walls utilize exceptional weatherproofing details to ensure the entire structure is durable and long-lasting.  The porch is not a heated indoor space, but by incorporating these details, it can maintain a high level of comfort even when it’s cold. Similarly, when it’s hot, the insulative nature of the space, along with a breeze blowing through the screens, allows everyone using the space to feel comfortable.

What made this project especially unique was the homeowner’s involvement. In order to keep costs down, they were a part of the building process by painting all the wooden surfaces and staining/sealing the floor decking. One homeowner’s father helped with a great deal of the construction and finishing of the project. By being involved, the homeowner’s gained an extra appreciation for everything that went into their project and will have a greater sense of pride and ownership every time they use the space knowing that they helped make their vision become a reality.