This enchanted space was designed and built, as a collaboration with Stowe Craft & Design, for a Montpelier family who wanted to turn their underutilized family room into a tree-house inspired playroom for their two young children. Although their kids are little now, it was important for the design to anticipate how they could enjoy the space as they grew up. Storage and organization were incredibly important aspects of the project, so many creative storage solutions were accommodated for. The design incorporates a timber framed “treehouse” made of locally sourced material and countless creative design elements, which give the playroom a perfect balance of form and function.

treehouse playroom vertical
carpet tiles desk stairs to loft
built in shelving
rolling storage boxes
under stair desk
built in desk under stairs
treehouse playroom furniture
treehouse playroom furniture


  • Balsam fir logs used for the large post supports give an expansive vertical element to the room, and the feeling of being in a forest.
  • Cedar was used for the guardrail posts and beams that support the tree house platform.
  • Bookshelves made from reclaimed live edge Ash provide plenty of storage for books and games.
  • A built-in desk under the stairs utilizes a small awkward space. It has a work surface for making crafts or doing homework, shelves for housing supplies, under-shelf LED light strip, and a handy USB outlet for charging mobile devices.
  • A bench seat with cushions has two operable tops on hinges and large oversized boxes to store big toys.
  • Cedar 1x slats face the front of rolling storage boxes. They have simple nickel handles to make it easy (and fun!) to stow away toys.
  • Cable guardrail offers complete protection from falls without obstructing the view to or from the tree house. The balcony is a prime location for sleepover movie nights.
  • A queen-size swinging bench is the best seat in the house with overstuffed cushions and lots of colorful pillows. Hanging from the tree house’s platform, this swing gently and safely sways while reading books or taking naps.
  • Modular carpet tiles give a fun and colorful element to the space. Best of all, if there’s a spill, the tile is easily replaced without having to replace the entire carpet.
  • The old lighting was replaced by energy efficient, unobtrusive recessed down lights. A small LED track fixture hangs over the swing bench in order to point the light exactly where it’s needed.